Oh, you'll be put to work!
Monday, April 16, 2012 at 03:13PM

These days when you come out here to visit Steve and I you must expect to be put to work on the farm. Most visitors are eager to see what is going on and very willing to help out.  We had our dear friend Scotia out for over a month and he was a huge help on the farm.  Before he left us he helped construct the greenhouse.  The exciting part about the greenhouse is that it was built using material found around the farm.  It just seemed more old farm-like to use scrap material that was lying around the farm.  To give old material new purpose.

Steve's friend Chris and Dusty also came for a visit, just in time to help plant blueberries.  We tested the pH and found a perfect spot for 20 plants that will produce this year!  We have the early variety- Duke and the mid season - Bluecrop.  For now, as the deer fencing isn't complete around this area we constructed a compound around them using fallen branches.  Netting has now been placed overtop this structure to protect from the deer and in the summer from the birds.

I am very humbled by all the support and assistance offered to me as I begin this farming adventure.


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