It's time to get growing!
Sunday, March 10, 2013 at 10:38PM

Out here in the west some things are still growing away in the field.  Amazing, right?
Here above is the beautiful January King Cabbage I planted out last fall.  There is also mustard, radish, kale and swiss chard still going strong.  Did I mention the onions and leeks that have manage to over winter as young starts?  

Now is also the time to concentrate on my new veg babies that will go in the field this year.  This past week I was busy building soil blocks for all my new starts.  It is hard to believe that I already have over 600 plants growing away in my new grow room Steve and his friend Adrian built for me.  They are all just so tiny and happy.

Below you will see some happy little cabbage basking in the glow of the grow lights.  How are your vegetable babies doing?  Which ones do you start?  Happy growing!


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